Welcome to the Ligh​thouse!

We are here to help you through the difficult times in life when hope is hard to find,

direction appears clouded, and fear overwhelms us.  It is our sincere desire to walk

with you as you seek answers to even the most difficult questions and provide you

a safe place to share your story.

We firmly believe that while life will provide us with some seemingly

insurmountable obstacles, there are amazing lessons we can learn from

these experiences which will enrich us beyond what we believe is possible.

Life is a blessing and meant to be enjoyed to the fullest

Meet our staff of professionals... 

Our Team

Debora K. Reeves, MSW, LCSW, LCADC

Executive Director, Therapist, Co-Owner

Tiffany B. Blanton, M.Ed., LPCC, NCC

Clinical Director, Therapist, Co-Owner

David N. Robinette

Marketing Director, Co-Owner

Lisa M. Goodan, M.Ed., LPCC, NCC

Therapist and Substance Abuse Coordinator

Rebecca L. Britt Jackson

Office Manager

[email protected]

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